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Discover the unique products

My Yellow Golden Milk label

Start with our Starter Kit

My Yellow (TM) Golden Milk and Golden Milk Saffron Plus in one box with a frother for barista quality latte. 

Why My Yellow

"My scars remind me of my survival struggle every morning and I am ready to share what helped me. Natural clean ingredients and use of centuries old products brought me back."

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All You Need to Know About Our Story

  • Our roots: It is in our roots 

  • The Difference: Made with Care

  • The Problem - will it work?: Made to work

  • Our Answer: Healing with Nutrition will work

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Female Barista

Beautiful and tasty


Easy to make, add one tablespoon to cup, add coffee, whisk and add milk to taste.

Rich, energetic and benefits of ginger, turmeric and herbs.

I like the ginger taste which is smooth.

Coconut in Bowl

Coconut but no taste of coconut

Poh Mun

Nice rich flavor, I use with almond milk. It is so tasty, hot or cold. 

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