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My Yellow™ MY LOVE

Our Story

MY YELLOW has deep strong roots in science and product knowledge

Our Roots

It’s in our roots
Our founder’s story is rooted in Ayurveda wisdom. Born in India, he was exposed to healing properties of turmeric since birth. From winter colds to his favorite Indian dish, turmeric was a go-to for him. After a life-changing health-scare last year, he decided to go back to his roots and combine his cutting-edge experience as pharmacist to launch My Yellow™

The Difference

 Made with care
As a pharmacist, quality is paramount is to our founder. From minimal processing to avoiding plastic, much care has gone into making each one of our products. From our home to your home, My Yellow™ products are made just like our founder’s grandma made it in India. My Yellow™ was the difference where we leverage synergistic power of herbs over extracted chemicals

MY YELLOW Scientific solutions to problems using herbal ingredients

The Problem - will it work?

Made to work

As the top ranking pharmacist in his class, our founder always had a thirst for scientific knowledge. With over 30 years of formulation experience at leading nutraceutical and pharmaceuticals companies, we know what ingredients work together, how they work together, and at what specific dosages. That’s why we would never sell a curcumin extract by itself. We know to achieve the intended healing properties of turmeric only the whole herb can do the job. My Yellow™ products work and that’s why our customers can’t live without them.

Our Answer

Healing with nutrition

Many of us are suffering. From small daily hardships to life-changing health challenges. Our mission is to help people overcome these hardships and thrive. At My Yellow™, we believe realizing this new version of yourself starts with better health. Join us on this journey of healing.

My Yellow™ is My Love. 

MY YELLOW solution to health challenges based on my own experience is based on sound nutrition and science
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